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Quiz- Time Management

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1. How often do you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks and unable to complete them all?


2. When facing a complex project, how likely are you to seek help or delegate some of the tasks involved?


3. Do you often spend time on tasks that are not aligned with your core skills or expertise?


4. How would you describe your work-life balance?


5. When you have a demanding workload, how often do you consider outsourcing or delegating tasks to others?


6. How do you feel about the concept of outsourcing or delegating tasks?


7. Have you ever tracked how you spend your time during a typical workday?


8. How often do you review your task list and prioritise tasks based on their importance and urgency?


9. Do you regularly set specific goals and deadlines for your tasks and projects?


10. How do you feel about your current time management and productivity?


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